Richie Incognito decision one week away

The Miami Dolphins are on the clock.

Suspended Miami guard Richie Incognito served the third of his four-game suspension on Sunday during a 20-16 loss to the Carolina Panthers. That means in exactly one week -- on Dec. 2 -- Incognito’s suspension will be complete and the Dolphins must decide whether to release or bring him back on the 53-man roster.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that there is some momentum for the Dolphins to bring Incognito back to the team. That would be Incognito’s preference as well as the preference of the locker room.

But the big question is this: What does Dolphins owner Stephen Ross think?

Ross was very critical of Incognito and Miami’s locker-room culture when he first got word of the foul language and early details of the Incognito-Jonathan Martin situation. More information has been gathered the past couple of weeks due to the NFL investigation.

Although all the details have yet to be made public in the Incognito-Martin investigation, I still think it is a long shot that Incognito returns next week. Incognito’s potential return would cause another media firestorm that the Dolphins probably want no part of. Miami is still in the playoff hunt and doesn’t need a bigger distraction than it already has created.