Miami morning take: What will Ross do?

Here are the most interesting Miami Dolphins stories Friday from around the Web:

  • Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald writes Dolphins owner Stephen Ross still hasn’t made his decision.

Morning take: Credit Ross for not making a knee-jerk reaction after Sunday’s embarrassing collapse. But Ross wants answers, and we will find out soon if he got the answers he wanted.

Morning take: If Ross decides to fire people, he must have a good replacement plan in place. Bringing in poor replacements would simply keep Miami spinning its wheels.

Morning take: The Dolphins averaged 19.8 points per game this season. That won’t win enough games to get into the playoffs.

  • Ian Rapapport of NFL.com reports Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill lost confidence in offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.

Morning take: Tannehill and Sherman have been together since Tannehill’s freshman year at Texas A&M. It may be time for Tannehill to leave the Sherman nest.