Dolphins' top 2013 stories: No. 1-2

ESPN.com’s Miami Dolphins page continues to take a look at the top moments of the 2013 season.

We conclude our series Thursday with the top two Dolphins moments.

No. 2: Dolphins late collapse

Analysis: The Dolphins started the month of December red hot. They were 3-0 after impressive wins over the New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots. Miami was playing its best football late in the season and appeared headed to the playoffs. No one expected the Dolphins to completely tank their final two games against mediocre opponents. However, Miami was outscored 39-7 against the Jets and Buffalo Bills. It was a shocking finish that has Dolphins owner Stephen Ross looking for answers.

No. 1: Incognito-Martin bullying scandal

Analysis: No one should be surprised by Miami’s top story of 2013. The Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin bullying scandal took the nation by storm and became bigger than a sports story. It involved real-world issues of race, bullying and could impact locker-room culture in the NFL in future seasons. Reporters from CNN, ABC News and TMZ all wanted a piece of this bizarre story. Lead investigator Ted Wells and the NFL have yet to conclude their investigation. The details eventually will be revealed to the public. This is a national story that stretched over several months and will be most remembered during Miami’s 2013 season.