NFLN survey/popular coach: Dolphins

ESPN.com’s NFL Nation surveyed more than 300 players on a variety of topics. Our latest survey focused on head coaches in NFL.

Here was our poll question: Who is the head coach players would most like to play for?

According to our results, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was No. 1 with 22.5 percent of the vote. Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers came in second place with 13.8 percent, and John Fox was third with 7.8 percent.

All these coaches have similar traits in that they relate well to players. It’s clear that aspect is just as important as the X’s and O’s in the NFL. Every team has talent. But it’s the locker rooms that are able to stay together and fight extra hard for the team and their coach that usually succeed. Carroll and Fox are both coaching in the Super Bowl this week, while Tomlin has coached in two Super Bowls already in Pittsburgh.

Twenty-nine NFL coaches received votes. Even Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin got two anonymous votes. Philbin is entering a big Year 3 for his program, and part of his challenge will be getting his players to go the extra mile and ratchet up the intensity when needed.