Shannon Sharpe: Dolphins were 'cowards'

NFL Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe is one of the most outspoken analysts in football. On Monday, Sharpe pulled no punches with his take on the Miami Dolphins following the Ted Wells report.

Sharpe particularly didn’t like the fact that Miami’s locker room didn’t stop this before it grew into huge issue.

“When you have a locker room like the Miami Dolphins, that tells you everything you need to know about how and why they got to this point,” Sharpe said on ESPN radio’s “Mike and Mike” show. “You see, everybody in the Dolphins’ locker room were cowards. They look at it like ‘That’s not happening to me, so why do I care?’

“So they stand there and do nothing, they encourage it.”

Sharpe also had strong statements for Miami’s coaching staff, and particularly offensive line coach Jim Turner and head coach Joe Philbin. Sharpe believes Turner should be fired after the Wells report found, at times, he was a participant in the harassment. Philbin should be suspended, according to Sharpe.

“Even if [Philbin] didn’t know, as a head coach of an organization, you should have known,” Sharpe said. “So you should go away for a minimum of 3-6 games.”

These are strong stances by Sharpe, but it’s doubtful anything happens to Philbin. The Wells report found Miami’s head coach was completely unaware that Martin was being harassed and bullied. Although that’s probably grounds not to be punished, it's certainly not something to be proud of.

But Sharpe is correct that Miami’s locker room definitely needs new leadership. That will be an important part of reshaping the Dolphins’ roster in 2014.