Poll: Johnny Manziel or Ryan Tannehill?

One of the biggest lightning rods in this year’s NFL draft is Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. Also, one of the biggest topics in South Florida is the potential of Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

That naturally brings us to our latest poll question. Who will have the better NFL career: Manziel or Tannehill?

They are former teammates at Texas A&M. Tannehill was the starting quarterback for the Aggies when Manziel was a freshman waiting for his chance. Once Tannehill was selected by Miami in 2012 with the No. 8 overall pick, Manziel took over at Texas A&M and had a stellar college career. Manziel is projected to be a top-5 pick, and possibly could go No. 1 overall to the Houston Texans.

Tannehill had a two-year head start over Manziel and is 15-17 as a starter. Tannehill has shown some flashes but has yet to post a winning season. Will he get over the hump in Year 3 and become a franchise starter?

Or will Manziel be the better pro? His height is a concern, but his arm, mobility and instincts have wowed scouts. Will Manziel be a future star or a bust?

Using our SportsNation poll, vote on which Texas A&M quarterback will have the better career. You can share your thoughts in the comment section below or send a message via Twitter @JamesWalkerNFL.