Poll results: Tannehill over Manziel?

Two former Texas A&M quarterbacks and college teammates were at the center of our latest poll question on ESPN.com's Miami Dolphins page.

We asked Dolphins fans who would have the better NFL career: Ryan Tannehill or Johnny Manziel? This is an interesting question because Tannehill already has a two-year head start. Miami fans were able to see what Tannehill looks like thus far at the pro level, while Manziel, a likely top-5 pick, is a projection.

But an overwhelming majority -- more than 70 percent -- voted for Tannehill to have the better NFL career. Perhaps there is some bias in that voting because Manziel is not coming to Miami. Tannehill is the Dolphins' quarterback and Miami fans are sticking with their guy. Tannehill is 15-17 in his first two seasons.

Manziel's size is an issue. But his mobility, improvisation and arm are reasons NFL scouts are enamored with his game. Manziel can be an electric player with the potential to turn around a losing franchise.

Approximately 10 percent of fans believe both quarterbacks will be busts. Tannehill has yet to have a winning season and certainly has a lot to prove. Manziel will have to prove that his size isn't a deterrent and that he can thrive among the best football players in the world.