Thoughts from Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey

This is the time of year I like to call silly season in the NFL. There will be plenty of information -- and misinformation -- out there about what teams are looking for in the draft.

Sometimes teams send out smokescreens, while other teams don’t let out any information. But rarely do teams publicly explain their upcoming plans for the draft before it takes place.

With that said, Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey did an interview Tuesday on the Joe Rose Show on WQAM in Miami. Like many pre-draft media sessions, Hickey didn’t reveal where the Dolphins were headed in the draft.

But here were several interesting nuggets from the interview:

(On drafting an offensive lineman in the first round)

Dennis Hickey: You work according to best player available. There’s always variables when it comes to the draft, whether it’s the player evaluation part and there’s always the medical aspect. Then there’s evaluating the character and the makeup of the player. There’s so many variables. But we feel like it’s a good draft and we’re excited about it. We continue every day to try to build the best 53-man roster and of course the offensive line is part of that.

(On using new technology in the drafting process)

DH: As technology has progressed, we always want to stay ahead of the curve. Not for technology sake necessarily, but to be more efficient, to go back to the tape. It’s always going to be about going back to the tape. But if we can look at different ways of grouping players and looking at technology for advances, we’re definitely going to use that.

(On second-year defensive end Dion Jordan)

DH: He's a very talented player and this is a big offseason for him. Last year with his shoulder he didn't have an opportunity to have a full offseason. That's so important. ... We’re excited about Dion going forward and having a great offseason and looking for big things from him.