Dolphins Twitter mailbag: Playoffs or bust?

The 2014 offseason program is in the books for the Miami Dolphins. With that in mind, let's see what's on the minds of Miami fans as we look ahead to training camp.

James Walker: This is a time of optimism, Zach, as every team is undefeated. I don't want to get into the whole "playoffs or bust" talk in June. But that's the reality of the situation. Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin has had three years to implement his program. He's yet to have a winning season or playoff appearance. There are no more excuses in Year 3. The Dolphins have spent a lot of money and resources to build their roster the past two years. No team is perfect, but Miami has potential with the right coaching. Another non-winning season will most likely lead to major changes.

Walker: I wouldn't say "mastering," TB. That's too strong from what I've seen. It appears Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill has a good grasp of Bill Lazor's offense and what Lazor is trying to do. Yet, I have yet to see it all come together on the practice field. Tannehill will have a good practice followed by a bad practice and vice versa. There are some growing pains. The key will be for Tannehill to have Lazor's offense mastered by Sept. 7 when the Dolphins host the reigning AFC East champion New England Patriots. Now is the time to learn and make mistakes.

Walker: Landry is a rookie a lot of Dolphins fans are excited about. He's a second-round pick who has displayed strong hands and good route running. Landry did well in this week's scrimmage. But right now, as a rookie, he's behind Rishard Matthews and Brandon Gibson. Landry has a lot of ground to make up in training camp. Where I see Landry definitely contributing right away is special teams.

Walker: It's interesting you ask that question, Benny. I was just playing around this week projecting Miami's 53-man roster and I noticed there were some interesting decisions to be made. Of course, a lot will play out in training camp and the preseason. Some veterans I think who are on the bubble include former Jeff Ireland draft picks who didn't live up to their potential. Running back Daniel Thomas and tight end Michael Egnew come to mind. The Dolphins are no longer waiting on their potential. Both former highly-touted picks must bring it this summer or they could lose their roster spot.