Poll results: Dolphins without Pouncey

The Miami Dolphins are expected to be without Pro Bowl center Mike Pouncey for about a month to start the regular season. Pouncey had significant hip surgery last week and is currently on the road to recovery.

That led us to the latest SportsNation poll in ESPN.com's Dolphins page. Here was the question: How many games will Miami win without arguably its best offensive player?

The reported timeline for Pouncey is 2 to 6 games. Therefore, we settled in the middle at four games. It turns out more than 40 percent of Dolphins fans on ESPN.com voted Miami to finish 2-2 in that early stretch, which includes games against the New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders.

In second place was a 3-1 start for the Dolphins. More than 30 percent of Miami fans are optimistic the team won’t miss Pouncey all that much.

In third place was a 1-3 start, and about 10 percent of Dolphins fans are highly optimistic and believe they will start a perfect 4-0 without Pouncey in September. Thanks to all who participated.