Can Dolphins fill LeBron James void?

MIAMI -- For all the excitement LeBron James created for South Florida four years ago during is arrival, the heartbreak of losing James this summer is just as bad for local fans.

Miami fans are still reeling from James' decision to leave the Heat after four years, four consecutive NBA Finals and two championships. James opted to return to his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers where he has unfinished business with the team that drafted him in 2003.

Meanwhile, a major void was created in South Florida's sports scene. But the 2014 season also presents a golden opportunity for the Miami Dolphins. Miami fans are desperately looking for a reason to cheer again. The Dolphins, who begin training camp Friday, will try to fill the void. Miami hasn’t made the playoffs since 2008.

So what exactly would make Miami fans forget about LeBron James’ departure? We recently presented that question to Dolphins fans via Twitter. Here is a sample of responses:

Will the Dolphins step up? This is a big year for the entire organization for various reasons.