Barnwell: Ryan Tannehill a 'question mark'

With training camp just three days away, one of the biggest things to watch is the development of third-year Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill. The Dolphins are entering a must-win year for many within the organization. Tannehill is 15-17 as a starter and has yet to have a winning season.

Grantland NFL writer Bill Barnwell had an interesting piece on the league’s most tradable assets. He mentions Tannehill in the group of “question marks” with Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson heading into the 2014 season.

Although Tannehill definitely is not on the trading block, as with most players on this list, Barnwell had an interesting breakdown of Tannehill. Here is what Barnwell had to say about Miami’s starting quarterback:

"Nothing is quite what it seems with Tannehill’s career. He was supposed to be a raw project after starting just 20 games at Texas A&M, but he’s started from day one and been a relatively boring quarterback. He was supposed to benefit from the tutoring and system of Mike Sherman, his former college coach, but now two years later, Sherman’s been fired and scapegoated for many of Miami’s offensive problems. Tannehill’s strength was supposed to be his arm … strength, but even after adding Mike Wallace, Tannehill was inconsistent on deep passes last year. ...The good news is that while Tannehill has been slightly below-average (for a high-risk choice who came off the draft board at eight), it’s safe to say that he’s not a bust of Gabbertian proportions. But we still have no idea whether Tannehill is going to develop the sort of accuracy and decision-making he needs to be a franchise quarterback. We’ll know a lot more about Tannehill after this season."

Opinions continue to be all over the place on Tannehill. ESPN NFL analyst Ron Jaworski ranked Tannehill a lowly 23rd among 32 of the league’s starting quarterbacks. However, Jaworski mentions that Tannehill has the potential to be a top-10 quarterback this season.

The time is now for Tannehill’s potential to become a reality. This is a no-excuse year for Miami’s young quarterback. The mystery of Tannehill should be solved by the end of this season.