Grantland examines Ryan Tannehill mystery

MIAMI -- Now that LeBron James has made his decision, the biggest sports question remaining in South Florida is whether third-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill is the long-term solution for the Miami Dolphins. Answers vary from media, fans and other NFL observers.

But Grantland’s Bill Barnwell took an in-depth look at the mystery of Tannehill with stat and film analysis that is very informative. Here is an excerpt from Barnwell's story:

I feel like we know less about where [Tannehill] is and what his future looks like after 32 starts than just about any other young passer in recent memory. As I wrote in the Trade Value column, I think it’s safe to say Tannehill isn’t an obvious bust in the way somebody like Blaine Gabbert was going to be a failure after two pro seasons (and, in Gabbert’s case, 24 starts), but it’s also very unclear whether he’s somebody in whom the Dolphins are going to want to invest as their franchise quarterback in two years. Owing to the hazing controversy that engulfed the Dolphins last season, he is — perhaps unfairly — an enigma.

Indeed, Tannehill remains an enigma. A perfect example was this past week, when Tannehill had his best practice of training camp in Saturday’s scrimmage but struggled mightily with six combined interceptions on Monday and Tuesday. Which player is the real Tannehill?

The good news is the mystery will be solved by the end of this season. Tannehill is 15-17 as a starter and must prove in Year 3 that he can get the Dolphins over the hump and into the playoffs. Most quarterbacks do not get four years to prove they're the long-term solution.