Dolphins film study: Dallas Thomas

Miami Dolphins right guard Dallas Thomas lost his starting job this week. He is still getting heat after struggling significantly against Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. Miami has put veteran Shelley Smith with the first team so far in practice.

ESPN.com's Dolphins page took a second look at the game tape to break down exactly what went wrong with Thomas’ performance.

Bad play No. 1: First quarter at the 13:12 mark

Analysis: McCoy lines up over Thomas on third down while Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill is in a shotgun formation. The Dolphins leave Thomas one-on-one, and McCoy uses a swim move to his left to get a free shot on Tannehill as he's releasing the ball for a short completion. Miami is forced to punt.

Bad play No. 2: First quarter at the 9:35 mark

Analysis: Thomas' job is to protect the backside on a stretch running play to the left. Thomas falls prey to another swift swim move by McCoy, who pursues backside and is in on stopping tailback Lamar Miller for a short gain. Thomas misses his chip on McCoy and the block on linebacker Mason Foster.

Bad play No. 3: First quarter at the 9:01 mark

Analysis: After getting Thomas with the swim a couple times, McCoy wisely switches it up and uses brute strength on a second-down running play. Thomas is pushed back about 4 yards and right into Miller, who is stopped by McCoy behind the line of scrimmage. McCoy has Thomas on his heels and guessing at this point.

Bad play No. 4: First quarter at the 7:10 mark

Analysis: Tannehill does another play-action pass and McCoy gets a good jump off the ball to his right. Thomas can't catch up or get leverage and is forced into a holding call for minus-10 yards.

Bad play No. 5: First quarter at the 1:11 mark

Analysis: The Dolphins run an inside handoff on second down and McCoy goes back to the swim move to beat Thomas inside. McCoy then has the quickness to get to and wrap up Dolphins tailback Damien Williams in the backfield. Thomas offered little resistance.

Bad play No. 6: Second quarter at the 15:00 mark

Analysis: On the first play of the second quarter, McCoy goes back to the power with a strong surge inside. Thomas doesn't have a chance. Tannehill does a designed pump fake, but McCoy is immediately in his face and forces a fumble with his right-handed swat. It's a big turnover for Tampa Bay in what turned out to be McCoy's final play.

Bad play No. 7: Second quarter at the 7:39 mark

Analysis: McCoy is done for the night, but Thomas remains in the game. Following a great hustle play by Dolphins Pro Bowl cornerback Brent Grimes to force a turnover and touchback, Thomas flinches and gets a false-start penalty on first down.