Early look at Dolphins' possible cuts

MIAMI -- The Miami Dolphins completed their fourth preseason game Saturday night against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This was the important “dress rehearsal” game for Miami, and now it’s time to make two series of roster cuts this week.

The first cut to 75 players will happen on Tuesday. Here are several players for Miami who may get released within the next 24 hours:

1. QB Aaron Corp: The Dolphins have already released Corp once. But they brought him back after third-string quarterback Pat Devlin suffered a hand injury in the preseason. Devlin is recovered now and played in Saturday’s preseason game. Therefore, there’s no more purpose to keep a fourth quarterback around much longer to take away reps in practice and the preseason. Corp did not play in Saturday’s preseason game, which is an indication he could be on the outs very soon.

2. WR Jeff Fuller: The Dolphins have invested a decent amount of time in Fuller. He had a stint on the practice squad last year, and Miami’s coaches were hoping more time in the system would pay off for the receiver. But the light hasn’t come on for Fuller, who was a college teammate of Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Fuller hasn’t done much in camp or the preseason. It’s time for Miami to focus more on other young, developmental receivers like Brian Tyms and Keenan Davis.

3. CB De'Andre Presley: Miami’s cornerback position has been an interesting spot. First, it was one of the team's deepest areas. Then, an injury to rookie second-round pick Jamar Taylor and a roster cut of potential starter Richard Marshall forced others to step up. Presley has not been one of those players. He’s struggled in coverage and most likely won't make the team.

4. OT Andrew McDonald: To describe it in one word, Miami’s backup offensive line has been horrific in the preseason. Dolphins quarterbacks Matt Moore and Devlin have been running for their lives, which further proves Miami's lack of depth up front. McDonald has been one of several struggling offensive linemen. He allowed another sack on Devlin Saturday against the Buccaneers. It’s time to start releasing some of these linemen who won’t make the team.

5. G Chris Barker: Similar to McDonald, Barker is another Miami backup offensive lineman who failed to show much in training camp and the preseason. The past two games were golden opportunities for someone to step up in the trenches. But instead, Miami’s second- and third-string offensives lines continue to get manhandled.