Twitter mailbag: Are Bills better than Dolphins?

The Miami Dolphins have made a lot of moves in free agency, including a pair of trades.

That’s led to plenty of questions from Miami fans. So let’s open the mailbag to answer questions.

James Walker: That is a tricky question to ask in March. The true answer is the offseason is just one week old and there are plenty of moves still to be made in free agency and the draft. In fact, at this moment we don't even know if starting tight end Charles Clay will play in Buffalo or Miami. Clay, who received a transition tag from the Dolphins, got an offer sheet from the Bills on Tuesday. I like what both teams have done thus far this offseason. Being aggressive is the only way to close the gap with the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, who are still tops in the division despite losing key players Darrelle Revis and Vince Wilfork. If I had to decide today, I would give Miami the slight edge over Buffalo because the Dolphins have more stability at quarterback in Ryan Tannehill. I don't have any confidence that Bills quarterbacks EJ Manuel or Matt Cassel will have a big season. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind next week, next month or in training camp. As I do every year, I will make my final prediction for the Dolphins before the start of the regular season. By the way, I've nailed Miami's 8-8 record two years in a row.

Walker: The Dolphins signed Ndamukong Suh to a record $114 million contract for a defensive player to make others around him better. Suh is an unselfish player who will improve the play of his teammates based on his track record with the Detroit Lions. I expect opponents to double Suh more than Cameron Wake for several reasons. First, Suh is closest to the quarterback, and quarterbacks hate to have the pocket pushed and collapsed in front of them. That's the easiest way to disrupt an offense in the passing and running game. Second, Suh is one of the top-five defensive players in the entire NFL. Wake is a Pro Bowler and is very good. But Suh is the type of player opponents must game plan for because he can dominate a game single-handedly. Wake should have an opportunity to have a big year.

Walker: It's not happening, Nick, at least not at this stage in free agency. The Dolphins took a chance with Moreno last year, knowing his injury history, and it didn't work. They are not going to try their luck two years in a row, and Lamar Miller developed into a solid starter in 2014. Now, on the slim chance that Miami needs a running back later this summer in training camp, due to injuries, maybe Moreno will be a consideration because he knows Miami's offense. Otherwise, the Dolphins took their shot with Moreno last year and moved on. There are some good running backs this year's draft who can back up Miller and are younger and cheaper than Moreno.

Walker: The truth is the Dolphins currently do not have a No. 1 receiver on their roster. But it is Kenny Stills with the current depth chart. Jarvis Landry's role is mostly in the slot in Miami's offense. The Dolphins run a ton of three-receiver sets. So it's just as important as an outside receiver, which is why Landry led Miami in receptions last year. But just because he caught more passes than Mike Wallace doesn't mean Landry was the No. 1 receiver. Landry's role will stay the same next season, and someone must take over Wallace's role. Right now, that person is Stills.

Thanks for the good questions, Dolphins fans. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to reach me via Twitter @JamesWalkerNFL.