Dolphins GM supports Ryan Tannehill

DAVIE, Fla. -- It didn’t take long to find out how Miami Dolphins new general manager Dennis Hickey felt about the team’s quarterback position. Soon after getting the job Sunday Hickey’s son, Barrett, wanted a Dolphins jersey.

“We made sure that we drove down to the local sporting goods and got him a [Ryan] Tannehill jersey,” Hickey said.

There was a small amount of symbolism in Hickey’s initial purchase. Hickey appears invested in the stock of Tannehill, who is 15-17 as a starter. It doesn’t appear Tannehill will face competition for his starting job entering an important Year 3, based on Hickey’s early support.

The Dolphins hired a new offensive coordinator (Bill Lazor) to get the best out of Tannehill, and it will be Hickey’s job to surround the young quarterback with enough talent. A better offensive line would be a good place to start.

It remains to be seen if Hickey will draft a developmental quarterback in the middle or late rounds of the draft. Hickey has been in Tampa Bay for 18 years, mostly working in college scouting.

Here are the quarterbacks Tampa Bay drafted with Hickey on staff over the past decade:

It is an underwhelming list of quarterbacks. No one on this list proved to be the long-term solution, although the jury is still out on Glennon.

Fortunately for Hickey, he doesn’t have to worry about looking for another franchise quarterback via the draft in 2014.