NFLN survey/Super Bowl player: Dolphins

ESPN.com’s NFL Nation surveyed more than 300 players this season on a variety of topics. The latest topic was a narrow vote at the top.

The question: Which player (non-teammate) would you most like to see in a Super Bowl?

According to our survey results, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson got the top spot with 59 votes. Peterson narrowly edged Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez, who received 56 votes.

Gonzalez was the sentimental favorite in Miami’s locker room. He received several votes, mostly because of his upcoming retirement. Gonzalez is one of the greatest tight ends of all time, but he never got a chance to play in the big game.

Peterson, 28, still has some years left to try to win a Super Bowl. He currently plays on a rebuilding Vikings team led by rookie coach Mike Zimmer.