Scouts Inc. on LB Jordan Tripp

We continues to look deeper into the scouting reports of the 2014 draft class. Next up we take a look at fifth-round pick Jordan Tripp, who will look to add depth at linebacker and special teams.

Here is Tripp’s scouting report from Scouts Inc.:

“Aggressive player. Takes many false steps. A bit out of control at times. Reads key quickly and attacks (often times over-aggressively). Does an adequate job of reacting to ball but often times forced to redirect after overextending initially. Gets sucked up inside on too many zone runs. Above average awareness and good discipline in zone coverage. Does not abort zone responsibility too early when QB scrambles. ... Lacks ideal change-of-direction skills but shows adequate-to-good quickness and straight-line speed. Above average overall range as run defender, in part due to excellent motor and intensity level.”

Tripp will have to scratch and claw his way to a roster spot as a fifth-round pick. But Miami’s linebacker play was below average and there is a need to improve. Tripp’s best route is to make an impact in training camp and the preseason on special teams.