Around the Horns: Freeman's 'coaching'

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Josh Freeman's Monday evening conference call with Twin Cities reporters was nothing out of the ordinary; Freeman said how excited he was to be in Minnesota, remained diplomatic when asked about his relationship with Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano and sidestepped questions about the length of his contract and how soon he'd get into the Vikings' lineup. But according to the Minneapolis weekly magazine City Pages, Freeman might have had some help getting to those benign answers.

The magazine's Aaron Rupar went back and listened to the audio of the call, posted on the Vikings' website, and could hear someone whispering suggestions to Freeman on a handful of questions throughout the call. That someone, Rupar discerned, sounded an awful lot like Vikings general manager Rick Spielman.

Now, it's certainly nothing new for coaches, executives or PR people to steer a player's answers one way or the other -- PR representatives often huddle with players or coaches right before a news conference to brief them on what they might get asked about -- so Monday's instance doesn't break any new ground. It's mostly amusing to hear it happening in real time and recorded live.

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