Frazier wants Vikings QB decision by Wed.

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Based on what coach Leslie Frazier said on Monday, the Minnesota Vikings might not keep the New York Giants -- and the rest of us -- in the dark on their starting quarterback all week.

Frazier said he wants the decision made by the time the Vikings practice on Wednesday, so the coaching staff can build a game plan around that quarterback and get things ready for the Giants game on Monday night. He said he was not leaning one way or the other, and wanted to talk with Josh Freeman to get a sense of how comfortable he is with the team's offense at this point.

Based on that outline of the Vikings' plan, the guess here continues to be Freeman starts on Monday in New York. The Vikings would have to tailor their game plan the most toward him, and while they could wait until the latter part of the week to finalize their quarterback decision before their last two games, Freeman needs more time to soak up the offense than Christian Ponder or Matt Cassel would. Frazier might also have some consensus-building to do; tight end Kyle Rudolph said on Sunday he didn't think the time was right for Freeman to replace Cassel, adding Freeman still needs more time to learn the offense after signing with the Vikings last Monday.

Asked how difficult it would be to make a mid-season switch to a quarterback who hadn't spent the entire offseason in the Vikings' scheme, Frazier said, "I would think it would be very difficult, but he’s a bright young man.

"We saw that last week watching him and working with him and just seeing how he picked things up during the course of the week. And then yesterday on the sideline he had the earpiece in and he was asking questions and talking to our offensive line and he’s into it. He’s a guy that can grasp information and then process it as well. There’s no question to miss all of offseason along with training camp that there are some challenges along with that, but we can help him also from a coaches' standpoint."