Around the Horns: Peterson and 2,500

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Adrian Peterson said he wanted to run for 2,500 yards in 2013, and the reigning NFL MVP's goal immediately turned into sports talk radio fodder. People wanted to know, in almost every Peterson interview after that, whether the running back was serious or delusional, whether his prediction was an achievable goal or a baseless boast.

Peterson said several times in training camp that the goal had a deeper meaning -- that it was fuel to motivate him to top his 2,097-yard season in 2012. And in an interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune's Dan Wiederer, Peterson shed some additional light on his thinking.

"Listen,” Peterson said. “If I don’t hear that number mentioned to me again, I’ll be all good. … People hear that 2,500 and it’s ‘Oh wow. That’s not possible. What was he thinking?’ They kind of focus on [the number] too much. In my mind, I’m not looking at it like that at all.”

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