Greg Jennings quiet in return to Green Bay

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Greg Jennings has now finished his first season of games against the Green Bay Packers, and we're effectively assured that the most dramatic moments involving the Minnesota Vikings receiver and his old team will have been over the summer and in Jennings' long postgame embrace with Aaron Rodgers last month.

He didn't do anything during Sunday's 26-26 tie to change that. Jennings, who caught one pass for 9 yards in the Vikings' 44-31 loss to the Packers in October, wasn't targeted with a pass in the first half on Sunday and ended his return to Lambeau Field with two catches, 29 yards and a dropped pass that could have extended a Vikings drive in overtime.

Asked if he'd like to have the play back, Jennings said, "I'd like to have a lot of things back, but yeah."

Jennings was booed -- as were the rest of the Vikings -- when the team emerged from the locker room before the game, but fans didn't get much of a chance to show him any vitriol for the offseason barbs he tossed at the Packers until he caught his first pass. On that reception -- a 21-yarder -- and the 8-yarder that came later, boos rained down on Jennings from the crowd of 77,871.

"It was great to play back here at Lambeau," he said. "I really wasn't looking for any type of reception. I came here with my teammates in this locker room, and that is really all the reception I need."

The fact that Jennings was so quiet in both games -- and Rodgers wasn't in uniform on Sunday -- put a damper on the receiver's return, and though there will be other games between the Vikings and Packers during Jennings' five-year, $45 million contract, it's safe to say the luster over the Jennings-vs.-Packers angle will die down from here.