Simpson: Ref said 'controversial things'

MINNEAPOLIS -- Minnesota Vikings receiver Jerome Simpson, who was called for a taunting penalty in the fourth quarter of the Vikings' 48-30 win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, said the same official who threw the flag said "controversial things" to several Vikings players during the game.

Simpson would not disclose what the referee said, other than to say the remarks were not racist, and said he did not plan to talk to the league about the incident, but added "I really didn't like what he said."

When asked which official it was, Simpson said, "Back right side. I didn't like it, but I'm going to let him live on it. What he said, though, it ain't right what he said."

Simpson said he tried to ask the official on referee Walt Anderson's crew about the remarks after the game, "but he took off to go into the locker room."

The receiver also didn't understand why he was called for taunting with 10:14 left in the game, saying he was congratulating an Eagles player after Mychal Kendricks stopped Matt Asiata for a two-yard loss.

"I was patting a guy on the butt, telling him, 'Good job.' He was smiling and whatever, too, and then he pushed me and I fell," Simpson said. "They huddled there -- the refs -- they huddled there for a minute and they called it on me. I don’t know. They said I was taunting. I really don’t know how that was called on me."