Around the Horns: Frazier on media impact

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Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier, many people believe, is coaching for his job in the next few weeks. Frazier's contract is up after next season, and after the Vikings slid from 10-6 to 4-9-1, the team might be inclined to look in a different direction, rather than stick it out with the coach.

That approach guarantees nothing, of course. Frazier said in a SiriusXM interview on Wednesday that he often talks with former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy -- with whom Frazier won a Super Bowl in Indianapolis -- about the patient approach the Pittsburgh Steelers have taken with their coaches, standing by them after tough seasons and reaping the benefits (the Steelers have had three coaches in the last 44 years, and all three won Super Bowls).

But Frazier also made some interesting comments about the lack of patience many teams have with coaches these days, and the role that heightened media coverage can play in those decisions.

"It’s changed so much with the way the job has evolved over the years," Frazier said. "A lot of it has to do with the popularity of the sport -- so many people with opinions, whether it’d be the Internet, talk radio, blogs, whatever it may be. Those different outlets, they seem to influence owners. I don’t know; you just have to be careful."

Frazier has a 20-31-1 record since taking over for Brad Childress midway through the 2010 season, but as we discussed today, his time as the Vikings' coach has coincided with a roster overhaul, including uncertainty at quarterback that has consumed much of Frazier's attention this season. Time will tell whether Vikings ownership gives him a pass in light of the quarterback situation, but as much as the Wilf family needs to create some positive momentum after their New Jersey court battle -- and the complications it caused for construction on the Vikings' new stadium -- Frazier might have reason to be concerned about ownership making a coaching change partly to command the headlines.

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