Poll: No ill will about Harvin in Super Bowl

MINNEAPOLIS -- Well, Minnesota Vikings fans, we asked how you felt about Percy Harvin being in the Super Bowl, and you have apparently found closure. That Harvin has only played 1 1/2 games this season and the Vikings received three draft picks in return probably hasn't hurt.

When we asked how you felt about Harvin being in the Super Bowl, 79 percent of you said, "Good for him; the Vikings got plenty back in the trade." Fifteen percent of you wanted to wait and see how the trade plays out, and just six percent of you said the trade still stings, because the Vikings shouldn't have traded him.

The early return on the trade would seem to support your willingness to move on; cornerback Xavier Rhodes, whom the Vikings drafted with Seattle's 25th overall pick, looks like he could be a fixture at cornerback for years, and the Vikings traded back into the first round to draft receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, who looks well on his way to replacing Harvin. The Vikings still have a third-round pick coming from Seattle this year, and though that pick will be at the end of the round, it does give the Vikings four picks on the first two days of the draft, and could afford them the flexibility to move up, if they choose to do so.

One interesting nugget from our poll: Two of the states with the largest percentage of people saying the Harvin trade still hurts were Washington and Idaho. The largest number of responders, of course, were in Minnesota, but it does appear there might be some displaced Vikings fans in the Pacific Northwest who are regretting the trade somewhat. Perhaps that's because seeing Harvin in a Seahawks uniform is a more regular occurrence in that part of the country, but in general, it seems like most of you are willing to let go of any ill will about the trade.