Meet the free agents: OG Charlie Johnson

Every day we'll take a look at one of the Minnesota Vikings heading for free agency, what he has meant to the team before and a prognosis on whether or not he'll be back with the club in 2014.

Free agent to be: Charlie Johnson

Position: Offensive guard

Age: 29

Years in the league: 8

What he made last season: $3,850,000 (cap number); $3,250,000 (cash value)

What he did last season: Johnson started 15 of the Vikings' 16 games, but his performance slipped in 2013. He was responsible for four sacks, according to Pro Football Focus, and struggled with a number of blitzes into the gap between him and left tackle Matt Kalil. The Vikings also continued to run Adrian Peterson on the right side of their offensive line, where he again had more success than he did running on Johnson's side of the line. Given the fact he will be 30 in May, Johnson could be a candidate to be replaced, especially since he counted nearly $4 million against the Vikings' cap figure last year.

His potential market value: The guard has been a solid performer for the Colts and Vikings in his career, and has played left tackle in the past, so his versatility could help him catch on with a team. It remains to be seen what kind of market there will be for Johnson, considering he's coming off one of his worst years and has never been considered an elite guard. It would seem unlikely Johnson will have a terribly robust market, but there will be some teams interested in him.

Will he still fit the Vikings? It would seem like the Vikings will probably move on at the position, either to get someone younger or someone who's able to clear bigger lanes for Adrian Peterson. The position would be an easy place for the Vikings to get younger and save some money.

What happens: The guess here is Johnson catches on with another team, possibly as a starter but also conceivably as a swing lineman. If the Vikings aren't confident in 2013 draft pick Jeff Baca, they could add an interior lineman in the draft.