Vikings sign ... Mike Zimmer?

MINNEAPOLIS -- The Minnesota Vikings announced on Monday afternoon they'd signed two of the players who tried out for the team during its rookie camp last weekend. One of them is going to create a bit of confusion for as long as he's around.

Former Illinois State linebacker Mike Zimmer, who was in the Jacksonville Jaguars' camp last season, signed with the team, where he'll work with linebackers coach Adam Zimmer, son of head coach (and former Illinois State linebacker) Mike Zimmer. Got all that?

The Vikings clarified the linebacker and coach are not related. That's a relief, since it means we're not in one of those situations Doc Brown warned us about, where the space-time continuum can be torn apart if Marty McFly were to run into his future self.

Now that we've got that joke out of our system, on to the nuts and bolts of the roster moves: The Vikings also added linebacker Dom DeCicco, who played in 20 games with the Chicago Bears from 2011-12, and spent the 2013 preseason with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. To make room for the two players, they released guard Conor Boffeli and quarterback Travis Partridge, who had signed with the team as undrafted free agents.

There you go: A little news, a little humor, all in a tidy 220-word post. What more could you want?