Greg Jennings, on football and autographs

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- The latest zinger between Greg Jennings and his former team (allegedly) came on Tuesday, when Jennings signed a Vikings helmet for a fan at an afternoon event and (allegedly) added the inscription "Packers suck" next to his autograph, (allegedly) at the behest of the fan.

A picture of the helmet hit Twitter on Wednesday morning and had gone viral by the time Jennings came off the practice field on Wednesday afternoon. Jennings wasn't terribly interested in talking about it, but he also didn't try to deny it, either.

"I'm not going to even jump into that," Jennings said. "I'll let that story be what it is: a story. If you guys want to hype it -- it has nothing to do with football, does it?"

Asked again if it was true, he said. "I'm not even going to address that. Are we talking football, or are we talking something else?"

Anyway, let's talk football!

Jennings scored 26 of his 53 touchdowns in Green Bay from less than 20 yards out, and 17 of those 53 came from within 10 yards, as the receiver made his living on quick slants and back-shoulder throws from Aaron Rodgers. He hasn't scored a touchdown yet, and the Vikings have just two TDs in eight trips to the red zone this season, but Jennings said the routes that helped him score so many times in Green Bay are still there for him in Minnesota.

"It's a little different offense, but everything is still there. It's just a matter of us lining up, putting us into formations that are best suited for our offense and distributing the ball," Jennings said. "All the routes that we run, across the board, it's a copycat league, so the routes are still the same. It's just about calling the plays and trusting that they'll work."

He also defended quarterback Christian Ponder on the interception Ponder threw for a touchdown on Sunday, saying, "I can't put the interception on him."

"It wasn't just him. It was a play that wasn't really executed well, across the board," Jennings said. "We addressed it."

Coach Leslie Frazier said the Vikings had a go route for Jerome Simpson called on the play, and Ponder didn't get the ball where he wanted it. Simpson wasn't able to get back for the ball, and Tim Jennings stepped in front of him, taking the interception 44 yards for a touchdown.

"If I let the play develop a little more, maybe [Tim] Jennings would have gotten out of his hips a little, expecting a go route, and not made a break on it," Ponder said.