Brian Robison: 'The ponytail had more fame than I did'

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Brian Robison's decision to cut his trademark ponytail earned national media attention. His wife, Jayme Miller, reacted to Robison's new clean-cut appearance with wide eyes.

"It was like, 'Is that a good look or a bad look?'" Robison said.

And his defensive end counterpart, Everson Griffen, is now referring to him as Brian, not B-Rob, because, in Griffen's words, "with no more ponytail, he has no swag."

The things we do for charity.

This is the new look

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Robison made the decision to cut his long hair on Monday so he could donate it to Locks of Love, a non-profit that provides hairpieces to children who have long-term hair loss. He'd heard about the charity from former teammate Fred Evans, whom Robison promised he would donate his hair if he ever decided to cut it.

"He texted me the other day," Robison said. "He was like, 'No, you did not cut my man lock.'"

The defensive end said he was enjoying his new look, although he wasn't sure if his helmet would still fit now that he had so much less hair. The cause, he said, made the cut worth it.

"I think it’s pointless to just cut hair and let it go to waste when you get a lot of people, especially now around the holidays, people want the little things in life – hair and things like that," Robison said. "You see the cancer patients every day that are going through that with withdrawals of not having their hair. I think it’s a great cause to be able to give something back.”

Robison hadn't cut his hair since 2010, he said. Will the long hair be coming back? Maybe, if it brings back some of the notoriety Robison fears he's now lost.

"The ponytail had more fame than I did, I guess," Robison said.