Around the Horns: Zimmer staying grounded

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Mike Zimmer started the process after the game on Sunday, when he reacted to the Minnesota Vikings' 34-6 win over the St. Louis Rams in subdued fashion and stated there would be no red wine on Sunday night in celebration of his first NFL coaching victory.

He continued it on Monday, reminding players that for as well as they played on Sunday, they still haven't reached the standard of where the coach wants them to be.

Didn't he want to enjoy his early success just a little bit?

"I’m not trying to preach caution whatsoever, I’m just trying to be realistic," Zimmer said. "This is one game out of 16, 15 now, and I know what we have to do to be a good football team. I think I’m trying to teach our players what we have to do to be a good football team. It’s not about caution, I understand that we haven’t lost in the preseason and like I’ve said before, it’s so much, to me, about the process about how we accomplish things, not so much what the record is at this particular point in time. There will be plenty of time, as we keep playing these games, that people will talk about the records. This is just one week and preseason was the preseason so we’re just on to a different venue really. The schedule, as everybody has pointed out, it’s a little different deal going this week."

This week, of course, brings the New England Patriots to town after a 33-20 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Tom Brady has been on just seven losing streaks in his career, only one of which was longer than two games, and cornerback Captain Munnerlyn reminded his teammates on Monday how good Brady has been at putting the Patriots back on track.

"I do a lot of research. I look up a lot of things," Munnerlyn said. "I was trying to see how I could get my team motivated, and I've seen that stat. I know it's tough for those guys to lose two games in a row. They've got one of the greatest coaches that ever coached this game, and one of the best quarterbacks to ever play. I'm moving forward from Sunday."

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