Brad Childress back in Minnesota this weekend with Chiefs

Brad Childress' time as Vikings head coach was filled with chaos, drama and heartbreak -- oh, and two years of Brett Favre. AP Photo/Andy King

MINNEAPOLIS -- Brad Childress, the progenitor of what he famously dubbed a "kick-ass offense" at the end of his first season with the Minnesota Vikings, will return to the home of his rocky tenure as a head coach on Sunday.

Childress, whose official title with the Kansas City Chiefs is "spread game analysis/special projects coach," faces his old team for the first time since the Vikings fired him following a 31-3 loss to the Green Bay Packers during the 2010 season. His 4 1/2 years with the Vikings, which began after the team refused to let him leave for a scheduled interview with the Packers, were nothing if not memorable. Besides the aforementioned posterior-punting scheme, they gave us catchphrases like "culture of accountability" and "triangle of authority," two years with Brett Favre, one month with Randy Moss, a pair of playoff berths (including one of the most heartbreaking defeats in Vikings history) and an ignominious exit.

Now, Childress has been reunited with Andy Reid, who employed him as the Eagles' offensive coordinator before Childress came to Minnesota. In Kansas City, he assists with player scouting and game planning.

"We actually go back to Northern Arizona, when we played (Vikings coach Mike Zimmer) when he was the (defensive) coordinator at Weber State," Reid said on Wednesday. "We go way back. Brad's a good football coach. I think you guys know that. He's got a lot of experience. He does a lot of things for us that way. He covers a lot of ground, both offensively and defensively, and helps on both sides."

The 59-year-old coach wasn't a popular man when he left town, though he'll probably be well removed on Sunday from the ire he faced at the end of his coaching tenure. Still, his return gives us a chance to take a brief trip down memory lane and revisit a chaotic, dramatic and ultimately inimitable stretch in Vikings history.