TUF 12 preview goes viral

The first five minutes of Spike's 12th "Ultimate Fighter" season is currently available online, and if you're a pro wrestling fan, you're going to see obvious allusions to the indestructible "face versus heel" angle that has put rears in seats for decades. If Josh Koscheck didn't watch any WWE growing up, then he's the world's most naturally gifted jerk.

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That's not an insult: Koscheck knows he irritates a significant portion of fans, and if that's how they've chosen to respond, you roll with it. (Not that Koscheck gave them much choice: The guy was cutting Ric Flair-style promos and spraying people with garden hoses from Day 1.) It's a nice contrast to Georges St. Pierre, who is such a respectable guy that he has American crowds regularly cheering for a French-Canadian. St. Pierre even says in the clip that "it's the perfect good guy against the bad boy," which is a little too on the nose. But who's keeping score?

The show itself has a formula that works, and it's not going to rock the boat: You cram a bunch of high-attitude dudes in a house and watch them antagonize one another. For my money, "The Ultimate Fighter" represents the only true reality in reality television: Everything else is a metaphor for kicking someone's butt. This is the only show that actually delivers.