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Back for more: Can Zuffa brass coax Randy Couture out of retirement? Al Bello/Getty Images

The "on your back out cold and missing teeth" look is never a good one unless you're in the dentist’s chair and even then you don't want anyone with a smartphone and a Twitter account anywhere near you. That's why Chuck Mindenhall has his doubts about Couture staying retired after a low-note loss to Lyoto Machida at UFC 129. If the UFC came knocking for a curtain call against, say, Fedor Emelianenko, could Couture really turn that down? Factor in Couture's penchant for going back on his retirement word and the history a similarly aged combat comrade made in Montreal over the weekend and you can see why Mindenhall has his doubts.

While the cage door might still be open for a Couture return, it seems some can't push Matt Lindland out that same door fast enough. Lindland racked up loss No. 4 in five outings Saturday when he was submitted by Mamed Khalidov at KSW 16 in Gdansk, Poland. Mindenhall wonders what could possibly be next for the well-traveled, 2000 Olympics silver medalist who has clearly seen better days and deserves to be more than a stepping stone for anyone.

Finally, if Saturday's TKO loss to Tom Watson at BAMMA 6 was really the last time we saw Murilo Rua in the cage, it's hard to say anything other than thanks for the memories to a proud warrior who left the game the only way he knew how -- out on his shield. Josh Gross points out Rua was walking with a limp as early as Round 1 -- usually a harbringer of bad things when your bout is scheduled to go five. Rua still managed to hold off the inevitable until Round 3 while showing flashes of his old self here and there in the process. But Watson's swarming approach and fresher legs proved too much in the end. Josh Gross contacted Rua's manager, Eduardo Alonso, to confirm "Ninja" meant what he Tweeted and this wasn't the case of emotions and adrenaline typing -- which Alonso promptly confirmed.

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