Faber is on the go -- just how he likes it

On top of things: Despite a busy schedule, Urijah Faber isn't letting his training fall through the cracks. Ed Mulholland for ESPN.com

LAS VEGAS -- Between running his own clothing brand (FORM Athletics), keeping up with the media maelstrom at events and fulfilling UFC obligations, appearances, signings and gym openings, there are those who think that Urijah Faber is spreading himself a bit thin. His opponent for his headlining bout at UFC 132 on July 2, bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz, is one of them.

Cruz has stated that, with all those pokers in the fire, there’s very little chance that Faber’s training as hard as him.

But the “California Kid” -- in Vegas being shuffled from radio show to radio show, from appearance to appearance, per usual -- would like to remind you of something. He’s tireless. He’s indefatigable. He is the most laid-back hyperactive guy in the fight game.

“You know, people ask about that quite a bit,” he said. “What they don’t realize is that, before anyone was covering this sport, I was working two jobs. I had a girlfriend. I had other things going on.

“Before that I was a scholar, meaning I was an athlete and a student and working in college. Before that I was in high school, doing sports and having a personal life and getting good grades. Before that I was acting, and splitting time between two parents. It’s just my nature, man. I feel comfortable being busy and I’ve got a little bit more of a spotlight on me now, but it’s more of the same for me.”

And as for his myriad enterprises taking away from his training, which some people have attributed to his run of losses between late-2008 and mid-2010?

“The bottom line is, training for me is just something that is part of my life,” he said. “I’ve never, since I can remember, been out of shape in my life.”