Lashley withdraws from Strikeforce event

Bobby LashleyEsther Lin/Showtime/Strikeforce

The sitting position seems to be the only position Bobby Lashley finds himself in these days.

What is with this guy? Bobby Lashley updated his Facebook profile Sunday to inform readers he would not be making an appearance at Strikeforce's April 17 card in Nashville. Lashley's participation was rumored, but never confirmed.

CBS would have been some prime real estate to show off Lashley, a balloon-chested former pro wrestler with legitimate NAIA credentials. The problem could be attributable in part to time constraints -- the show has booked three title fights that could potentially go 25 minutes each, with angry affiliates waiting to start their local news at 11 p.m. ET sharp -- but I can imagine the logistics in finding an opponent for Lashley that satisfies his need to be spoon-fed didn't help. Does Tank Abbott not answer his phone anymore?