Mir inflates Carwin

The routine of prefight jawing usually requires that you dress down your opponent's ability, intellect and chances of winning. I've never understood this, because there's really no achievement in defeating a dummy with no skills. You'd think fighters would want to treat the opposition as though they possess DNA from both Mike Tyson and Dan Gable. (How that would be logistically possible I'll leave for you to speculate on.)

Frank Mir gets this, which is why he has been preoccupied with talking up Shane Carwin, his foe at UFC 111 on Saturday, every chance he gets. In interview after interview, he labels Carwin as a "better" Brock Lesnar.

"Both of them are better wrestlers than I am," he told Fight! magazine. "Both are better at ground-and-pound. … Lesnar proved at UFC 100 that [ground-and-pound] was one of my weaknesses. Carwin is capable of doing the same thing to me. … The only difference is Carwin is also capable of knocking someone out."

Carwin doesn't necessarily need the hype -- he is undefeated and has yet to go past the first round in a fight -- but it's still nice to see a fighter acknowledge that the guy across from him belongs there.