Rome burns Lesnar

In my limited, third-party knowledge of Brock Lesnar's misanthropic attitude toward life, media and anyone outside his immediate familial circle, I would say he's not unwilling to throw you into oncoming traffic if he doesn't like the cut of your tongue. Which is why the UFC's PR department might now take special care in booking him on ESPN's Jim Rome show.

In the clip, Rome chastises Lesnar for his recent and heavily trafficked views on Canadian health care, which Lesnar disparaged after a bout of intestinal trouble in Manitoba.
"Awesome. Brock Lesnar is weighing in on health care now," Rome said. "Anyone want to check in on Roy Nelson for his thoughts on global warming? Kimbo Slice on the war in Iraq? … Easy, Brock. Let's not confuse the treatment you received from a tiny facility … with an entire nation's health care system … leave issues like health care reform to those who know what they're talking about."

There's some mild hypocrisy here, since one could argue Rome himself has formulated opinions on subjects best left to others. (Like, say, oh -- condemning MMA for years.) Everyone is entitled to an informed opinion. Particularly when you weigh 280 pounds.

Lesnar's rant made it as far into the political puppethead genre as "Hannity and Colmes," which had likely never before invoked "ultimate fighting" or anyone with a beef jerky sponsorship on their pants. Is it too soon to consider Lesnar's provocative outbursts having some shades of the contentious, flammable speeches of Muhammad Ali -- with the result of attracting casual observers who would otherwise have no interest in fight sports? Probably.