Canada riled by Brock Lesnar criticism

Brock Lesnar stirred some political discussion Wednesday by saying he believed Canada had a "Third World" approach to health care, an opinion he formed following his acute diverticulitis attack late in '09. (I really try to be accommodating, but I can't describe diverticulitis again. See here for exposition. It's awful. Eat your vegetables.)

Unwilling to swallow Lesnar's critique, Manitoba health officials told TSN.ca this week that Canada's health care is perfectly fine, thanks so much for asking.

"I will listen to critics and learn from critics but also evaluate the point of view from which they're coming," Health Minister Theresa Oswald said in response to Lesnar's poke. "This is more about partisan American politics and bashing American healthcare reform, and I'm not particularly interested in getting engaged in that. Canada has lots to be proud of in terms of providing health care for everyone."

That sound you hear? The UFC ramping up a Lesnar-Tim Hague grudge match.