Hendo wants both UFC, Strikeforce

All the buzz coming out of Dan Henderson's camp has been that he is UFC-bound and would like to unify the 205-pound belts against Jon Jones. Yet, Henderson himself hasn't been contributing to these reports.

In fact, he says if he had it his way, he'd defend his light heavyweight title in Strikeforce and fight in the UFC, interchangeably. Speaking to Clinch Gear Radio this week, he broke it down.

"I definitely feel that there's still the possibility for me to defend that belt in Strikforce, but I think now that the UFC has bought Strikeforce and they need to make money and I need to make money, so we'll see what happens," he said. "I'd like to work out a deal where I'm fighting in both promotions...I'm sure we'll figure out a deal within the next month, two weeks. I would love to be able to fight in the UFC and defend my belt in Strikeforce."

He also went on to say that the Anderson Silva loss at UFC 82 was the one that stuck in his craw the most. "Probably," he said. "Especially the way [Silva] fights most the time. He's disrespectful to his opponents and the fans at the same time."

Whether a deal like that can be worked out or not depends on what Zuffa's big picture plans on for Strikeforce. The writing appears to be on the wall that Strikeforce isn't overly interested in having traditional champions and defenses the way the UFC operates. Right now there is a vacant welterweight and heavyweight title, and a Henderson's is currently in limbo as he negotiates. Besides that, outside of Muhammed Lawal, there aren't a lot of vastly intriguing challenges for Henderson in Strikeforce. However, he has plenty of options in the UFC, with potential fights against Silva for the middleweight strap, Quinton Jackson (who beat him for the 205-belt in 2007), Mauricio Rua and Jones. Zuffa has stated that the Nick Diaz deal they worked out several months ago allows him to fight in both the UFC and Strikeforce, so maybe it's possible they could give Henderson a similar clause in his contract.