Unappealing: Jones disputes DQ loss

Once again mistaking an athletic commission for a criminal court, Team Jon Jones began making noise this week -- via TheGarv.com and Fanhouse, among others -- that it would seek an "appeal" of Jones' disqualification loss to Matt Hamill in Saturday's "The Ultimate Fighter" Season 10 finale.

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(CliffsNotes version: Jones slammed Hamill, dislocating his shoulder; Jones proceeded to pummel Hamill, then sabotaged himself by switching to illegal, fist-to-ceiling elbow strikes; the referee called the bout when Hamill couldn't continue, ostensibly because of the blows; Jones argues it was the shoulder injury that did Hamill in; fans, confused by the whole thing, played it safe and booed.)

Nice idea, and an unblemished record is always prettier, but it fails on several levels: One, it was Jones himself who began muddying the conclusion with the elbows. Two, you can't ask a commission to retroactively stop a fight and declare a no-contest earlier than the recorded finish. If Jones is fixated on the idea that his slam ended the fight, he must be shocked that Hamill continued to deflect enough blows after the takedown to keep the clock going. (This zombie Hamill, clearly fighting past his demise, is a wonder.)

Hamill fought on after the slam. He couldn't continue after Jones hammered his face with downward elbows. Perhaps referee Steve Mazzagatti provided an ego-saving out by halting the fight, but that was -- once again -- a product of Jones' having a brain hiccup. If the situation is ambiguous, the benefit of the doubt should go to the fouled fighter. By not playing fair, you give up the right to cry foul.