The overnights: TUF 10, episode 9

Being a reality television series producer can mean a handful of things: A certain percentage of dinner-party guests are going to look at you as if you have leprosy, for one. Two, you're going to be elated when a subject utters the phrase, "There's chickens in my car."

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Chickens, consumed en masse to feed the bodies of fighters, exacted some kind of circular revenge during Wednesday's episode of "The Ultimate Fighter," dropping feces onto the rental car upholstery of Rashad Evans. This is the kind of thing responsible for MMA's sensational growth during the middle part of this decade: the idea that we get emotionally invested in athletes' lives before watching them get brutalized in a ring. And nothing resonates more than athletes chasing pooping chickens.

Not partaking in the aviary fun was Matt Mitrione, who was shown -- either via the magic of editing or simply his own hammy acting -- suffering the ill effects of having his head used as a bongo. Mitrione may or may not fight, which may or may not lead to Kimbo Slice returning, which may or may not cause me to care.

The man who beat Slice -- Roy Nelson -- earned an early holiday gift by beating Justin Wren via decision. It was the least impressive victory of the season to date, as Nelson finally behaved as he looks -- sluggish, out of shape and ineffective. His coach was correct in wishing for a third round: Evans knows B.S. when he smells it.