"Ultimate Fighter 10," Episode 8

There were many reasons Joe Frazier was upset at Muhammad Ali, but Ali drawing a cartoon of Frazier and encouraging him to engage in certain sexual acts was not among them.

This kind of layered psychological warfare is exclusive to mixed martial arts: Specifically, the bored, barely mature contestants of "The Ultimate Fighter." Without exception, each episode is like having video surveillance of a community college dorm. Mike Wessel's caption for opponent Jones -- which earned him a nasty armbar loss -- was among the more tasteful: Later, Quinton Jackson's image took another hit when he grabbed the breast of a male cast member, squealed the nickname "Titties," and then appeared surprised when the man considered attacking him.

Rampage would have been well-advised to use his "A-Team" money to buy every available master of this season, burn them and then consider a PR campaign that doesn't end with apologies. Wessel's sentiment applies, but only for describing Jackson's attitude.