Koscheck bout makes no sense to Condit

Carlos Condit knows better than to accept a stay-busy bout over waiting it out. Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

Poor Carlos Condit.

Not only did he have to endure the ultimate disappointment that comes with a cancelled title shot -- injury forced Georges St. Pierre from the UFC 137 main event Tuesday -- he actually endured it twice.

"The weird thing is I had a dream the other night that Georges was out," Condit told ESPN.com. "It just came to mind. That is so weird, man.

"I dreamed I was at the event and Georges couldn't fight for some reason and they were changing my opponent to [Nick] Diaz or B.J. [Penn]. In real life, when I heard Georges pulled out, I was like, 'Are they going to put a last-minute opponent in?' That thought came pretty quick."

While "Dream Carlos" decided to go ahead and accept a change in opponent, the real Condit admitted that accepting a replacement fight was never strongly considered by his team or, apparently, the UFC.

Fellow welterweight Josh Koscheck was quick to put his name out on Twitter, posting from his personal handle: "Hey [Dana White,] Duty calls again??"

Condit, who learned of Koscheck's tweets from his manager, Malki Kawa, said as much as he's prepared mentally and physically to compete on Oct. 29, he simply could not justify taking any fight but a title fight at this point in his career. The UFC likely agreed and, according to Condit, never strongly pursued keeping him on the card.

"I want to fight next week," Condit said. "It's in my heart to fight, but logically, I need to be patient. No matter who the opponent was -- right now, a fight against anyone other than Georges wouldn't make sense."

No one can blame Condit for his hesitancy to remain on the UFC 137 card, especially given the time frame of St. Pierre's absence. From what Condit has heard, St. Pierre suffered a sprained knee in training camp and should only be out of action six-to-eight weeks.

Although the UFC has not given him a specific time frame on when the fight will be rebooked, Condit is optimistic it will happen "very early next year, at the latest."

Perhaps one positive of the situation is it's afforded some time for Condit to get over a few "nagging" injuries he suffered in camp, but maybe the term "positive" is a little much. To state the obvious here, Condit is disappointed. Probably keeps hoping he'll wake up.

"I have some small -- I wouldn't even call them injuries -- that come from training day in and day out, so I guess I have time to heal now. But I would rather have just fought through it.

"I was ready to fight. The layoff isn't huge, but, you know, it's kind of a crappy situation all around."