Dana White comments on Liddell, Jackson

Cracking the introverted veneer of notoriously press-shy Dana White, Sportsnet.ca recently sat down with the UFC president for some conversation-slash-spin.

Best bits:

On Dan Henderson: "We offered him a very good contract, that's more than fair … nobody can pay him what we offered."

Reality check: Almost certainly true. Virtually no promoter is in the position of laying out a contract as generous. Henderson isn't going anywhere. Meeting with other promotions is the fighter equivalent of stomping your foot: It's usually just for effect.

On Tito Ortiz-Forrest Griffin II: "Fights fall off, and we end up making better fights."

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Reality check: There was probably more intrigue in how Ortiz would fare against a better wrestler in Mark Coleman, his originally scheduled opponent. Griffin's benefits are at low tide: If he beats Ortiz, he beat a guy on a year's layoff and after back surgery. If he loses, it's the same story -- only worse.

On Lyoto Machida's desire to face Brock Lesnar: "He'd have to clean out the light heavyweight division, beat Anderson Silva … Brock would have to clean out the heavyweight division before I'd ever do that."

Reality check: This will never happen.

On Chuck Liddell: "I've ever even thought about Liddell and Coleman … I'm putting together a proposal for [Liddell]. He's always going to be with me … it's just a matter of whether he fights again or not."

Reality check: This will happen. If he's still adamant about doing so seven months after his loss to Mauricio Rua, he's not going to taper off now.

On Quinton Jackson's snubbing of the UFC in his blog: "I'm very disappointed in him. We've been there for him. We've done a lot of stuff for Rampage on and off camera … the worst thing to happen to a fighter is for a Hollywood agent to get their hands on him."

Reality check: Without the UFC, there's no "A-Team" offer for Jackson. Somebody should force him to sleep on those blog entries before posting them.

On watching the Nov. 7 Strikeforce CBS telecast: "I don't know … I'll probably be sitting at home watching the Spike ['UFC Main Events'] show that night."

Realty check: Everyone keeps an eye on the competition; White can afford a television with picture-in-picture.

On his disappointment with MMA's portrayal on "The Simpsons:" "[They said,] 'A couple of guys ran out into the parking lot to watch [ a fight].' Couldn't be further from the truth."

Realty check: Never happens. Well, except that one time at UFC 91. Or that other time at 101. Say, maybe the Canadians will be better behaved. Oh, guess not. Dallas? Nope. It's almost like testosterone and alcohol are combustible.