Kimbo Slice-Roy Nelson fight nabs record ratings

Proof of some justice in the world: For at least 15 minutes Wednesday night, more Americans thought it would be more entertaining to watch a mixed martial arts contest than the tired, canned-ham patter of Jay Leno. Spike's "Ultimate Fighter" -- for rock dwellers, the site of a Kimbo Slice bout against Roy Nelson -- drew a high of 6.1 million viewers, while Leno drew a piddling 5.9 million. As if we even care.

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Slice was unable to break his own personal-best record, as roughly 7.2 million viewers watched him burst the ear of James Thompson during a 2008 CBS telecast.

A sad but true fact: Personalities will always sell more than accomplishments. Something about Slice makes people want to see him fight. Winning doesn't seem to matter much. Good work if you can get it.