Kimbo Slice-Roy Nelson CompuStrike stats

CompuStrike, one of the two major number-crunching entities in MMA (the other is FightMetric) supplies the factoids spewed out by Mike Goldberg during UFC telecasts, released stats on Wednesday's Kimbo Slice-Roy Nelson bout. And Slice fans will need to be very selective about what they pay attention to.

Numerically, the fight was competitive on the feet, with Slice landing 31 percent of his strikes to Nelson's 29 percent. On the floor, it was like occupying France, with Nelson landing 67 strikes to Slice's zero.

This was the best-case scenario for the UFC's Slice push: With his limited skills, anyone in the house had a shot against him. If you're going to lose, better to lose to someone with Nelson's reputation and put up an effort. Half the time, at least.