Official denial: McCarthy unwelcome in Nevada

So Keith Kizer sends John McCarthy -- a tenured referee since UFC 2 in the spring of 1994 -- a form letter in reply to McCarthy's application for a license to officiate in Nevada. "The state does not anticipate" adding more referees, it reads.

Thanks but no thanks, John.

Jason Probst has the gist of the latest in the McCarthy/Nevada/UFC pissing contest, which more or less amounts to McCarthy finding it difficult to get work following a broadcasting stint in which he lobbed criticisms at commission officiating and the UFC's business practices.

Like any employer, both the commission and the promotion have the right to work with whomever they choose. (Not that it should matter in the case of the UFC; Nevada assigns and compensates officials.) You can be the best salesman at Home Depot, but if you call the general manager on the carpet while working for Lowe's, chances are excellent you'll have trouble getting shift work down the road.

The crack in that analogy is that no one's life is on the line in the plumbing aisle. Nevada claims it has reached its quota of officials, but it's indefensible to report that someone with McCarthy's experience and knowledge is of no use to the commission. I would urge all parties involved to save the personality conflicts for issues that don't involve a fighter's health -- which is all anyone should really care about.