Smokin' Joe Frazier Talks MMA

Joe StevensonMartin McNeil for ESPN.com

Joe Frazier doesn't think MMA is real fighting. Tell that to Joe Stevenson.

Considering that mixed martial arts is a sport largely lost on senior citizens and boxers, you can imagine what a boxer turned senior citizen will have to say about it: In Voorhees, N.J., to commiserate with Philadelphia Flyers goalie and boxing fan Ray Emery, boxing legend Joe Frazier told Examiner.com columnist Jon Marks that he is no particular admirer of any other fighting sport.

"They don't do any real fighting, man," Frazier said of MMA. "When a man goes down instead of going to a neutral corner, they jump on him and keep beating him."

Frazier, 65, is representative of a lot of old-guard athletes and promoters who see no sense in the sport. And because that's subjective, there's really no corrective behavior available. That's unfortunate, because Examiner.com columnist Michael Marley -- whose 59 years might be equivalent to his IQ -- just coined the phrase "mixed martial Aryans" in a rant that pushes MMA as a "fad" akin to the hula hoop. (Something Marley was actually alive to see, but we digress.)

"What's the difference between a photo or video of a large crowd at an MMA event and a photo or video from a well attended Klu Klux Klan meeting?" Marley wrote. Luckily for us, he's not prone to hyperbole.

Brain atrophy aside, it's a generational gap -- and it calls to mind what today's 30-somethings might be railing against in their 60s. Knife fights, probably.