Sylvia sharpens acting skills in "Friday the 13th"

You loved him as "Aryan No. 1" in 2007's "The Death and Life of Bobby Z" and as "Man in Coma" in the Ray Mercer documentary: Now see Tim Sylvia as a serial killer.

First reported by Fighters.com and confirmed by Sylvia's manager Monte Cox, Sylvia is in Boston performing stand-in duties on Platinum Dunes' latest "Friday the 13th" installment, a sequel to their 2009 remake of the morality-smothering 1980s horror franchise. (A sequel of a remake of an 11-part series: Who says there are no more good ideas?)

Sylvia, geared in a hockey mask and filthy hobo apparel, may or may not appear onscreen: Stand-ins typically occupy sets for lighting prior to cameras rolling.

The film is due out next summer.

Update: Who can tell one masked killer from another? As it turns out, Monte Cox erred when he informed ESPN.com/Sherdog.com that Sylvia is acting as a stand-in for a "Friday the 13th" sequel; according to Cox, Sylvia was actually a "back-up" for Michael Myers in "Halloween 2," which opened in theaters last Friday. Currently, he's in Boston shooting "Oxy Morons."